Fire Marshal

The mission of Lenoir County Emergency Services Fire Marshal Division is to provide professional services that preserve life and property from fires, and all other natural and man-made hazards; and to provide life safety education, fire investigations, and fire code enforcement to all of Lenoir County.

Fire Marshal Division

The Fire Marshal’s office is responsible for fire inspections and investigations throughout Lenoir County.  The Fire Marshal also serves as a liaison for the eight in-county and two out of county volunteer fire departments.

The Fire Marshal division conducts fire incident investigations, inspects businesses, industries, churches, schools, daycares, rest homes, group homes, conducts plan reviews and issues fire burn permits. It is our vision to be known as a proactive fire service. We are dedicated to providing professional and effective fire service response to all incidents. We strive to promote teamwork among all agencies and maintain an open line of communication for all.

NC Forestry can also issue burning permits by contacting 252-520-2400 or submitting an NCFS Online Burn Permit Form

When calling 911 remember to:

  • Stay calm. Give the telecommunicator your name, location, and nature of the emergency.
  • Listen carefully to the telecommunicator.
  • When the telecommunicator asks you questions, try to answer them as accurately as possible. Speak clearly and slowly.
  • Do exactly as the telecommunicator tells you during the course of the call.
  • Never hang up until you are told to do so.
  • Our telecommunicators are certified in Emergency Police DIspatch, Emergency Fire Dispatch, and Emergency Medical Dispatch through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatchers. This means when you call Lenoir County Communications your call is being handled by trained professionals following national protocols and standards of care.

Jacob Turner
Fire Marshal